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May 04, 2015 · Hello, Having issues keeping a VPN Site-to-Site tunnel up.. My devices are a FG100D and the remote device is a FG30, both have been updated to v5.2.3 firmware. I set up the site-to-site with the VPN wizard, the VPN tunnel was working for about 3 days and then it stopped. Tried debugging on Even more ideal, would be to tunnel the RDP over a VPN, which at the very least should include some form of keep-alive functionality, which would rule out inactive-session closing. View solution in original post The VPN between the sites is connecting, but we are experiencing a lot of delay/loss with connections between the sites. If I run a ping from our linux server on one end to the controller on the other end of the VPN (pinging the local address of the controller), I am noticing that I consistantly get gaps in the icmp sequence of about 20 packets I have an ASA IPSec tunnel configured between an ASA5505 and Microsoft TMG 2010 SP2. The tunnel sometimes works for a few hours, and then disconnects, and other times it works for 5 minutes and then disconnects. When it disconnects, it sometimes takes 10 minutes to re-establish the SA, sometimes takes 45 minutes to re-establish the SA. set vpn "Temecula-IKE" monitor optimized rekey set vpn "Temecula-IKE" id 0x18 bind interface tunnel.5 set vpn "Temecula-IKE" dscp-mark 0 set interface "tunnel.5" zone "Untrust" set interface tunnel.5 ip unnumbered interface ethernet0/0 set route interface tunnel.5----- Field office Cisco config for the above: Adding onto Avkash's response, Azure will attempt to establish a VPN tunnels with your on-premise device periodically, so there is no need for manual steps on your device. To dive a bit into the internals, the Azure gateway attempts to establish an IPsec tunnel.

Adjusting the TTL on the tunnel helped a bit, but it seems I'm still getting tunnel drops about once every 24 hours. To also sum up, I believe the DSL link there is 'less than ideal' ;) so I think it's going out in the middle of the night, tunnel drops, and doesn't realize/reconnect.

Nov 14, 2019 · Virtual private network technology is based on the concept of tunneling.Just like a water pipe contains the liquid flowing inside of it, a VPN tunnel insulates and encapsulates internet traffic—usually with some type of encryption—to create a private tunnel of data as it flows inside an unsecured network. The ONLY way I got ProtonVPN to work consistently maintaining quick speed, few to no drops (over past 2 months) was to uninstall and remove OpenVPN GUI and all associated files, configs, etc. and do the same for my extremely fast VPN with top notch security intrusion prevention, etc. THAT WAS NOT EASY. The Tunnel settings forward the connection to the remote users' own PCs at the office (all Windows XP Pro). Everything appears to work fine, but the most frequent users have complained that periodically (somewhere between 15-45 minutes) the connection drops, at which point they insist their PC needs rebooting in order to re-connect.

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Tunnel Management - Check Point Software A VPN tunnel is monitored by periodically sending "tunnel test" packets. As long as responses to the packets are received the VPN tunnel is considered "up." If no response is received within a given time period, the VPN tunnel is considered "down." Permanent Tunnels can only be established between Check Point Security Gateways. Site-to-Site Tunnel failing | Fortinet Technical