Jul 09, 2013

The Procedures contemplate that the NSA will do this by "employ[ing] an Internet Protocol filter to ensure that the person from whom it seeks to obtain foreign intelligence information is located overseas," by "target[ing] Internet links that terminate in a foreign country," or by identifying "the country code of the telephone number." Aug 21, 2013 · However, traffic is monitored using complex algorithms with holes which let certain data through, thus, much of what the NSA can access, they ignore. 75% of internet traffic can be monitored, but Mark Klein, the former AT&T technician and whistleblower who helped kick off the AT&T/NSA eavesdropping scandal, clarified further details regarding what he witnessed while connecting a secret NSA eavesdropping facility: secure room 641A in AT&T’s San Francisco switching center, presumably commissioned by the NSA, received copies of all the The UK Monitors All Middle Eastern Internet Traffic, Shares It With NSA in the real-time monitoring of all internet traffic through the Middle East. We already knew the UK’s GCHQ was up to A new interactive online tool named Internet Exchange Mapping (IXmaps) appeared earlier this week, and it shows if your data traffic passes through the NSA or not. Many prying eyes are out there, trying to discover everybody’s secrets and take a peek into everyone’s life. Jul 09, 2013 · The Internet is a series of "tubes" connecting the world's major continents to each Skip navigation NSA monitors global Internet traffic via private fiber-optic cables RT America. Aug 11, 2013 · The NSA is turning the internet into a total surveillance system This article is more than 6 years old Now we know all Americans' international email is searched and saved, we can see how far the

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